Watercolor Class Supply List


Paint Colors:  (tubes only)  Brand Name:  Academy or Winsor/Newton (not Cotman)
Permanent Aliziron Crimson, Permanent Rose, Aureolin (light yellow), New Gamboge (dark yellow), Sap Green, Burnt Sienna (Brown), Cobalt Blue, and French Ultramarine. (Colors listed are exactly how they are on the tubes of paint!)

Brushes:  I am recommending only two brushes:  one #10 round and one ” flat brush.  They are very inexpensive (about $3.99 per brush) and work well for the price.  The brand is Simply Simmons or Silver Black Velvet.   You may buy more expensive brushes later – various brands will be discussed in class.  Meehan’s has Simply Simmons and Ralph's Art Supply has the Silver Black Velvet brushes.
Palette: (plastic)  I found a good and very inexpensive palette – Jane Jones brand –  Meehan's in downtown Melbourne and Ralph's Art Supply carry this palette.  It is small, portable, has 20 wells for paint, several mixing areas, and most important, a cover.  Other palettes are OK, but make sure they have deep wells (at least 1” deep) and a cover.
Paper:  1 sheet of Arches 140 lb. Paper (22"  x 30”), Cold Press.Palette picture
Pencils:  You may use a drawing pencil – B4 or a #2 pencil.

Eraser:  A soft kneaded eraser works well (gray in color) to remove pencil marks.  Do not substitute with a white eraser.

Water Container: A large plastic container, no higher than 4 inches in height – no glass, please!   A gladware container works well.

Sketch Pad:  For sketching and note taking.  Comes in all sizes -  8 " x 11"  is a good size – it enables you to comfortably sketch drawings and enough space to take notes.  This is important since you will receive many instructions about watercolor.

** Above supplies available at Ralph's Art Supply on Highland Avenue across from Art and Antique Art Gallery and Meehan's Stationary Store in Downtown Melbourne.  Paper is least expensive at Ralph's Art Supply (generally no more than $11.00 or $12.00 per sheet).  Sheet size is 22” x 30” and will be divided into quarters or eighths for class practice.  I will help you “cut” the paper, showing you a unique way to do it in class.

If you have any questions, click here for contact information .

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